Why Pravaig participated in TechCrunch Mobility 2022?

With groundbreaking ideas galore related to the field of Urban Mobility, Electric Vehicles, and Technology, Mobility 2022, a Tech Crunch event, attracted innumerable exciting participants from around the world.  

Sufficient to say, if there was one event that you so wanted to attend during the period of May, then it was Tech Crunch’s Mobility 2022. 

All roads, therefore, it won’t be incorrect to state, led to San Mateo, in California.  

With so much to gather; so many ideas to share; and a platter-full of opportunities to partake in, one of the most vaunted tech events held annually attracted stakeholders; investors, startups, technologists and policy makers; that shape the present and hold the power to influence the future of spheres like Urban Mobility and Technology. 

Whether you are a PhD student doing masters in automotive engineering, a sports car designer based in California, a seasoned investor in the Sunshine State California, or an urban mobility start up brand from Asia, Mobility 2022 was a dynamic congregation of presenters, idea generators and world leaders that shape the realm of Mobility, the theme of the event. 

And among the most enterprising participants in the much-talked-about tech event were Pravaig, from the beating heart of India’s technology and urban mobility landscape, Bangalore. 

A company that aptly describes itself as a new age Automotive Company in India, this maker of cutting edge EV’s did more than just mark its presence at the vastly regarded event. 

Pravaig explored the myriad possibilities and ideas that once held tightly by the palm of one’s hand can shape the future of urban mobility landscape, not just define its current context. 

Deep diving into a world of infinite possibilities that aim to put into practice an interesting string of ideas, such as – how a VR system can turn every vehicle into a moving theme park, how concepts of Blockchain and NFTs impact Urban Mobility, to quote some of the many, and how RoboTaxis are shaping are present- Pravaig forged ties with the dominant and rising names in the realm of Mobility. 

(more insights to follow) 

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