What was Mobility 2022 of TechCrunch about?

If you are a player in the dynamic EV industry, then perhaps one of the key questions, of the many, you’d like to know is just how further can Tesla impact an already fast-changing dynamic of urban mobility.

In a similar vein, if you are an existing player in the urban mobility landscape, then one of the questions you’d be likely asked, especially where it comes to the present year is whether you were part of the event that pretty much defines the concept of Mobility, as one knows it?

It was May Day in May of 2022 given all roads of Urban Mobility and the Future of Technology and Transportation led to San Mateo, California, for Mobility 2022, the go-to tech and urban mobility event organized by TechCrunch that needs little introduction.

At TechCrunch’s Mobility 2022, one had the massive opportunity of meeting Exhibitors, Founders, Technologists, and Investors involved with some of the leading, established, and up-and-coming organizations in the sphere of Mobility.

With the idea being to immerse in a captivating world shaped increasingly by an interplay of technology and innovation, Mobility 2022 got the movers and shakers of a sophisticated, rapidly shape-shifting realm that governs our future as we know it: Mobility!

Key questions, arresting, jaw-dropping even, such as how self-driving cars are shaping the electric automotive landscape, how Robotaxis are going to impact our future, and how the concept of design shapes an affordable, purely-electric next-generation car among the many were discussed and keenly participated in.

TechCrunch Mobility Pitch-off, attracting dozens of the industry’s brightest names in the space of Mobility- entrepreneurs and designers and tech geeks- got a precious opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with experts (VCs) that offered immeasurably valuable feedback to (several) pitches.

How to further build, for instance, an electric car start-up, shape up your company’s aggressive growth portfolio, and add new feathers to an expansive hat so as to impact the sphere of Urban Mobility were just some of the many vital touch points of an event second to none in understanding the concept of Mobility- on the whole.

Pravaig Dynamics, among the many ambitious start-up EV brands shaping the dynamic of electric mobility, participated in the widely covered “one of a kind” event in California.

The start-up brand, based in Bangalore describes itself as a maker of cutting-edge EVs and a rising new-age Automotive company in India.

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