What makes India an ideal market for Electric Cycles?

Given the background that crowded and stuffy Indian roads can be ever an irritant to those who feel stuck in it, day after day, it just makes massive sense to set on anything electric and get done with having faced copious amounts of (unending) pollution.

The first revolution, lest it is forgotten, begins here and now.

That said, what data or bank of reasons are available in India to know that Electric cycles may just be the right call to action to not just dream- but adapt- to an all-electric future?

  • India has a strong demand for short distance commute. Where traditional cycles were getting the job done, electric cycles are now in demand.
  • How’s that? With more and more E-cycling enthusiasts mushrooming in different parts of the country, market sources say on an average, a person travels 20 km a day on a cycle.
  • The needs to commute over a short distance of time that can be covered well by a cycle are aplenty. Some have to run errands for the house. Others to deposit the phone or electricity bill. Then, there are those who need a parcel to drop over to someone’s house. Where’s the time and inclination to be seated over a car in short distances? E-cycles the ideal solution.
  • The cost of an E-cycle is actually much cheaper than that of an E scooter. The latter, often used for the not-so-short distances. For a country where a certain strata of population had always been using the cycle for short distances, imagine the plusses of now turning that support system electric?
  • If not more than around 20 million in India prefer commuting via a cycle to anything else. Is that not an opportunity in the country?

The above told, the coming up of massively interesting developments in India, such as the “Cycle valley” in Ludhiana is mainstreaming the effort of producing e cycles, over and above the idea of developing India as a global manufacturing hub of cycles! If there’s ever a fascinating time to make e cycles in the country, then it is here and now.

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