The immediate future of Bolt EV of General Motors

Among the most renowned carmakers in the world, General Motors of the United States has hit a snag where it comes to the production of the Bolt EV.

But in order to understand the existential and immediate future of a popular offering in the hatchback space from Chevrolet, one needs to take stock of its immediate past.

In what turned out to be a huge letdown for the massive carmaker, GM had already recalled the Bolt EVs at the back of an issue of battery fires in these cars.

A series of fires in the car definitely meant that something related to the battery modules had to be attended to and so it was done. The cars were recalled and a major process of replacing the existing battery modules began at GM.

Though for any carmaker a step backward in just one car variant is a huge downer, let alone GM, one of the best offerings from the land of Detroit to a global automotive landscape.

The development reported to be down to a manufacturing defect in the battery cells of the Bolt EV made massive news. And not to forget- disparaging one at that!

All eyes, with much keenness, focused attention on what lay ahead. And now, GM has finally made an announcement in the context of the imminent future of its EV bolt.

It appears that the halt in production of the Bolt EV will continue and a restart is expected not before the third week of January 2022, as it turns out.

While the scenes back in August of 2021 weren’t any inspiring with no fewer than 1,40,000 car models recalled, a reprieve is expected to be achieved come the new year.

One is really forward to seeing what the car with a battery pack of 60- Kwh can do in the near future in terms of driving sales for GM. Watch this space for more developments with regards to the Bolt EV!

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