Simple energy signed MoU WITH Tamil Nadu Govt for an Investment of RS 2,500 Crore for Scooter Plant 

Made-in-India electric vehicle company, Simple Energy endorsed a memorandum of understanding in the month of December 2021 towards  building a manufacturing plant in Dharmapuri. 

As per the news report, the first plant of 200,000 is being established in Shoolangri Hosur, and it can, as reported, manufacture a million scooters in a year. 

That’s not too bad for a company that’s yet to be known spectacularly well. 

In phase 2, Simple Energy will set up a second plant on 600 acres of land next year. 

On the occasion of the massive development, Mr. Subhash Kumar, CEO, and founder, of Simple Energy, said the Tamil Nādu government helped us to provide the fund for making the ecosystem.  

What we truly aim is to achieve our long-term goals of making clean air and reducing pollution. 

 Meanwhile, UiPath India (a global software company based in New York, USA) chairman, Shri Raghunath Subramaniam, who’s also an investor in UK battery maker British bolt (and board member, Simple Energy), said the Bangalore-based firm has taken a big step on the world level. He was excited to note that as a country, India is leading the EV market forward, with the aim to reduce carbon footprint and define electric mobility. 

Having said that, Pooja Kulkarni, IAS, MD, and CEO, Guidance said, “The electric vehicle industry is growing in the world the MoU will help to become a global player in the electric vehicle industry.” 

It’s not some breaking news anymore that the world is working towards electric vehicle revaluation. Though what’s important is that India is also working on it, and Subhash Kumar who designed an Electric two-wheeler has already launched on 15 August 2021. 

The competition for these scooters, as per market reports, is the Ola EV, Revolt, Okinawa, Ather, among the others. 

The simple one scooter provides a 236 km IDC range in one single charge. 

Moreover, the maximum speed of this scooter is 105 KMPH. 

A test ride is going on for the booking customer and it will come to be delivered in September. Exciting times ahead then for the EV two-wheeler segment in the country. 

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