Pravaig foray into a leading global Tech, Urban Mobility – Event- Mobility 22, USA.

Pravaig, quite evidently, is a new age Mobility Company in India that stands at the captivating intersection of technology and innovation. And the way the Bangalore-based startup engaged in the sphere of Electric Vehicles and Energy is going it appears that it is likely to play an important hand in shaping the urban mobility culture of India. 

The company with an organizational strength between 51-200 recently marked an important event in its 2022 timeline. 

And just how is that? 

With an attempt to spot and capture myriad opportunities (before they become mainstream) that lie in the domain of mobility, a fast-moving target, one of India’s fastest-growing EV start-ups attended the San Mateo, California-bound event Mobility 2022. 

Clearly amongst the go-to events for tech companies as well as those engaged in the realm of urban mobility in all of the USA, Pravaig were among the most talked about companies in a tech event that is widely visited from a global standpoint.   

With an idea to engage in meaningful dialogue with noted and up and coming stakeholders; exhibitors, founders, leaders to figure out the next developments and parables in tech and urban mobility landscape, Pravaig participated in an event one could sufficiently dub the ‘big next’ in technology. 

The company shared its key insights from a rapidly transforming electric mobility market in India and corresponded with some of the leading investors, founders and technologists from the world engaged in dynamic spheres such as EV, Robo Taxis, AV, and those in whose ebb rests the challenge of shaping the future of electric mobility.  

The firm, thus gathered key insights such as how to start early-stage funding, what the next chapters in the sphere of mobility might be like, and what future trends in urban mobility can have an impact on the present.  

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