Nissan unfurls massive $18 billion worth of plan for Electric Vehicles

If there was ever a time to go electric, then it’s now. That’s not only from the point of view of consumers who, conscientiously every passing day, are shifting toward electric vehicles but from the space of carmakers who are making great moves in the domain.

And one among the noted carmakers to have taken a giant stride toward the EV space is none other than Nissan.

Much like the famous Rolls Royce or Aston Martin that are no less than England’s National Treasure, Nissan, it must be said, is the Kokuho of Japan. And it’s not hard to gauge how!

In unfurling a massive plan toward producing electric cars, Nissan is the latest to progress toward that sphere of car production and tech that truly specifies what progress means.

Nissan is working toward releasing no fewer than 23 EVs by 2030. Of these, there would be 15 that will be completely battery-driven.

All of that massive planning and car production would mean the noted brand will be putting – and let that sink in 2 trillion yen over the course of the next five years. To make a sense of that, it’s $17.6 billion worth of investment.

Now how to make sense of this. 

When you have a famous carmaker, one that’s gone on to make headlines ever since its inception, circa 1933, you realise that the EV movement isn’t just a movement; but a revolution currently being spurred by some of the finest names in the car business.

And that massive sense lies in here toward adopting to a future that’s sustainable and scalable.

A report from a prominent auto portal also substantiated the feeling by stating the following in terms of its coverage on the celebrated carmaker:

Nissan Leaf was one of the earliest electric offerings in many markets and the Japanese car company is looking at expanding its battery-powered options with plans of having as many as 23 new models by 2030. This will include 15 all-electric cars. “We have a 10-year head start over competitors with electrification. We will leverage this experience and speed up the shift with further investment,” said CEO Makoto Uchida. “The time is right for us to shift gears from focusing on business transformation to creating the future.

“Watch this space for more developments on Nissan and it’s ambitious EV plans.

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