Maruti Suzuki, the EV space, and the point about subsidies

Maruti Suzuki: Impetus must be to reduce acquisition costs associated with EVs!

In a statement that is anything but disparaging and in fact, helps one understand the EV space in India better, Maruti Suzuki has started something interesting.

The famous carmaker has shared that efforts must be put into understanding how can the acquisition costs associated with EVs be brought down in the country. For that is the key from where Maruti sees the scenario.

For many existing players in a vastly competitive car space in the country, the focal point of attention, more or less, remains on subsidies where it comes to the electric vehicle space.

Things like what subsidies can the government offer- whether on the central or the state level- reflect the current mood or trend where the EV space is concerned.

It’s not hard to understand that too, truth be known. A lot, after all, goes into car making and the journey of the idea behind the conception of a car to the point where it actually physically reaches the roads is an onerous challenge, requiring ever so much on the part of the actual carmaker!

But is that all?

Maruti Suzuki, given that it simply hasn’t entered a vastly changing specter where one sees the car market today, seems to be apprehensive.

While the company has never said anything much too alarming about what India’s plans in the EV space may be, it has definitely alluded to the fact that it isn’t willing to enter the space just as yet.

A similar sentiment came to the fore in what the ED, marketing, and sales, Mr. Shashank Srivastava had to say very recently, “We can’t completely depend on government subsidies. The moment that subsidy moves out, EVs become expensive. We need to reduce the cost of acquisition by reducing the battery cost.”

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