Mahindra’s entry into the EV car segment is poised to make things even more interesting in India


Mahindra and Mahindra group are preparing to launch 4 electric cars over the course of the next four months. 

For a carmaker that established multiple widely acclaimed entities in the form of (high selling) off-roaders such as the Thar and SUVs like the Scorpio, the step towards the realm of electric vehicles is an interesting, if also, timely move. 

In that regard, at a time when several reputed carmakers are treading cautiously in the EV domain, releasing one or two pure electric vehicles, not more that Mahindra is planning to come out with four is true, an exciting development.  

Having said that, it wasn’t that long ago that the Mumbai-headquartered company unveiled no fewer than three pure electric cars in the United Kingdom.  

As a matter of fact, it was early August when the Anand Mahindra-led carmaker showed the soon-to-be-launched cars in the UK. 

In that regard, it becomes important to know which is the EV from the Mahindra and Mahindra stable that has already begun to grip audiences’ attention. 

It is expected that upon its launch, the XUV400 will pose stiff competition to the highest-selling electric vehicle from the Tata stable, which happens to be the Nexon. 

However, whilst there’s no detailed confirmation as yet, it is being said that the Mahindra EVs yet to be launched in India has been developed by the UK-based Mahindra and Mahindra company. 

And while talking points like how well might the Mahindra EVs perform in India are still very much a subject of speculation and understandably so, since the cars haven’t yet begun to sell, there’s something that cuts a promising perspective. 

So what might that be? 

The Mahindra group is expecting sales of two lac electric SUVs by the year 2027. If that’s not an impressive goal then what is? 

Talks have begun to gather steam that Mahindra is determined at offering an exciting range for its soon-to-arrive EVs.  

Though nothing could be as important at this time as knowing just what might be the dominant pure electric wagon from Mahindra’s end. 

It is being said that the noted car brand will launch the XUV400 after renaming its already running XUV300. 

But it is being said that the time couldn’t be riper to get into the EV territory; noted cars such as the Nexon EV and the Tigor from Tata’s stable have already arrived in India, which is anything but a dormant car market and may just be a fiercely competitive EV space. 

Moreover, Tata motors have also additionally unveiled Curvv and Avinya, two of their latest additions to the EV specter in India. 

But having said that, what are the working dynamics of EVs; how is Mahindra going to go about the EV car making? 

To that end, it’s important to note the information shared in the public domain. A recent statement said in no uncertain terms the following “The company has signed a term sheet with the “Volkswagen Group” to supply MEB electric components.” 

Furthermore, Dr. Anish Shah, managing director, and CEO, of Mahindra group, said, “we are proud and delighted to showcase our born electric vision. By 2027, we expect that a quarter of the SUVs we sell will be electric.” 

And Rajesh Jejurikar, executive director- CEO, of Mahindra Group, added “our vision of born electric is underpinned by the future-ready single platform, two new exciting brands, and the heart core design philosophy.”

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