Mahindra and Mahindra Sign Partnership Agreement for EV Charging Network!

Many questions strike the mind the moment one says electric cars. Not because the concept is specifically difficult to understand. Rather the EV revolution is something that can shake up those who are ignorant about a basic truth:

That the time is now, that there’s no going back on ICE.

But then what are those questions anyway?

How to charge an EV? Where will get the charging station? Is an EV reliable for long rides? What is the battery life, and so on and so forth?

That told it’s important to note what the widely noted Indian carmaker Mahindra has in store where its EV initiatives are concerned.

To that end, it is important to note that the company has only recently taken steps towards the establishment of EV charging infrastructure and not only that; signed an agreement with 3 EV charging installation companies.

Their names- are Jio Bp, Statiq, and Charging+Zone!

Further to the above, it’s important to note that the above aim is to install new fewer than 2,500 charging stations in 25 cities.

To that end, it will be easy to discover charging stations in the nearest driving locations, which will be connected through E-mobility navigation.

If that does not change what’s needed in the space of the EV revolution, then what is?

Myriad- albeit crucial- locations such as highways, petrol pumps, parking shopping malls, tourist places, and hospitals, all of which are easy-to-access charging points are, therefore, being considered.

And rightly so!

That told, the president of Mahindra, Mr. Vijay Nakra said the following,” I am happy to announce that we tied a partnership with big EV charging solution companies Jio Bp, Statiq, and Charging+Zone, which will show faith and strong relationship between Mahindra customers, who believe in us. It will be helpful to adopt EV on large scale.”

That said, the CEO of Charging+Zone stated some key insights on the basis of the above, “We believe in a clean and green atmosphere, which is proof of our partnership with Mahindra. We aim to provide fast charging all over India, which will be essential to increase awareness towards the green revolution.”

Charging+Zone, it ought to be noted, is noted and among the largest Indian charging infrastructure companies around, which installs many charging stations across various cities.

But all of that said, here’s what seems to be the key takeaway: It’s crucial to install a fast-charging station for upcoming cars if one is to truly stoke India the electric way.

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