Just why’s Maruti not keen on entering the EV space as yet?

It’s more than a household name in India; it’s an epitome of dependability, trust, and that thing called bankability. It’s more than a carmaker, truth be known; it is a harbinger of quality and authenticity like few we have known.

Maruti is not just a car; it’s an emotion on four wheels. Ever thought about it like that? That’s the truth without turning it upside down.

And there comes a time in the life and journey of a brand where it has to make some hard but firm decisions.

Moreover, it so happens that Maruti has actually made one already. A big one. And it’s directly related to that very sphere of business and that fragment of auto trade, specifically speaking that have great ramifications for both the buyer and seller.

Any guesses as to why Maruti Suzuki wasn’t going to enter the EV space was concerned with the company finding it difficult to offer the right kind of product for the market have been disdainfully rejected for truth in the matter is something else altogether.

So what is it? Don’t be surprised but accept it with a pinch of salt. But the truth certainly is that not anytime soon are we going to see an EV offering from the house of that carmaker that faith and simplicity built.

Believing firmly in the fact that where it stands at the moment, then there just isn’t sufficient demand for EVs, Maruti has, thus far, expressed a different stand on the subject of EVs altogether.

So one thing can be certainly said about the famous carmaker that under no circumstances is it going to hurry up and jump into the EV line just yet.

Moreover, it is only after the year 2025 that Maruti will actually think about jumping into the EV race. That’s even as the country; its government, its communicators, all of them have begun pushing the agenda for EVs, or as they say, an EV-enabled India.

The following were the words of the company’s chairman Mr. RC Bhargava who had the following to say in regards to the brand’s current belief concerning the EVs:

“Unfortunately, we will not feel happy if we can (sell) 300 or 400 or 500 or even 1,000 cars (a month). For some reason, we have gone too much higher volumes, and volumes in 100s and even 1,000s, are very good, but they leave us a little unexcited…So we have to see if I start selling EVs I would like to sell maybe 10,000 EVs in a month or something like that!”

Therefore, exciting or challenging that the EV sphere may be, it doesn’t seem as though Maruti is perplexed or moved to a point of doing something much too sudden or drastic in the green sphere as just yet.

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