Is Oppo actually coming out with an EV in India?

News that Oppo, a famous consumer electronics and mobile communications company is all set to unleash in the sphere of electric vehicles has spread like wildfire.

And frankly speaking, there’s not much surprise too in the way the news is being widely followed. What is a company that famously made and still very much makes popular handheld devices and other gadgets going to do in the sphere of EV is the subject of great intrigue.

And lest it is undermined, then even great wonderment!

Won’t you, for instance, be surprised one bit if say a Coca-Cola was to launch a perfume? Or say, Givenchy would come out with a sugar-free dessert item!

Mad marketing isn’t the only thing that drives the planet wild or for that matter insane creativity and innovation backed by great packaging; it’s bold business calls and some that are much too sudden that make the world go round and round.

The fact that Oppo is going to make EVs isn’t the only big deal at this time; news that where it comes to its operations in South Asia, or specifically speaking, the sub-continent, that Oppo has already filed for trademarks for EVs in India is the real piece of news.

Sudden. Pleasantly surprising even. Right?

But having said that, the key question at this point in time is to figure out a specific timeline (or if any) by when the company is actually planning to come out with an EV.

So what is known in that aspect?

It is believed that Oppo may actually offer an EV in the Indian market not before 2023 or during some time in 2024.

But does that seem like an aggressive timeline?

Well, it most certainly is. Why, one wonders?

It’s for the simple reason that for a company that’s not originally in the space of automobiles, coming out with an EV for the first-ever occasion and by as early as 2023 or 2024 means achieving quite an onerous challenge.

The presence of strong in-house sales and marketing teams, coupled with a robust capable-of-producing EV infra R&D department, it might not be such a big thing after all for Oppo to take the plunge. Or should one call it the leap of faith? Only time will tell! Watch this space for more updates on the Oppo EV!

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