Is India an ideal market for Electric cycles?

Crowded, buzzing, and always bustling with action. Well, Indian roads for you. Much like a movie theatre screening a spine-bending action flick with bullets flying out of the screen much like popcorn from a vending machine.

Here, traffic is as much a reality as is drama in our lives surrounding a last-minute hotel booking cancellation, worst still- a flight cancellation at the eleventh hour leading to haggling between the commuter and the agent the other end.

Chaos. And chaos. Stymied with people. Well, don’t even talk about it.

Always a great need to introduce some order. And it finally seems that with the coming of the electric vehicle revolution, one that has changed the contours of the four-wheeler as well as the two-wheeler, things are finally going to get into shape.

A shape that has no space for pollution, ever a silent killer. Has to be nullified, neutralized. Call it what you may.

Against that narrative that the e-cycles too have picked up the pace, and interestingly so, in a market still queuing up for change, is rather interesting.

Just as interesting is the gaffe in making up things with regards to India’s EV revolution. That only electric cars and electric bikes are transforming the country to the path of accepting an alternate reality. An alternate reality that suggests that yes it is possible to adapt to eco-friendly ways and create a world that has just no space or takers for fuel-driven machines or wagons.

In that regard, some myth-busting about E-cycles is necessary.

For starters, it’s important to note that not just in India, but worldwide, the demand for E-Cycles is just as much as that of E vehicles and in some cases, way more than that of bikes and scooters.

So how is that?

The urban and semi-urban markets worldwide have taken giant strides toward accepting E cycles in the mainstream.

What’s led to a faster adoption of e cycles is the fact that where it comes to short commutes, then there simply can’t be a better option than E cycles. Smooth, comfortable, and made for commute sans hassles!

That being said, where does India stand on E Cycles? Moreover, what data is available for us to know that gone are the days where a commuter on Indian roads was doing nothing about being stymied by pollution and being strangulated on the mess that are overcrowded roads?

Bear in mind that the first step, if one were to step away from the chaos and feel none of that (unwanted) music is to ensure that one’s not contributing himself to it.

On that ground of logic, when you step into anything that’s electric- you are anyways contributing to start your own Electric revolution- aren’t you?

Ditto for EV cars and bikes. Not different one bit where it comes to Electric cycles.

(To be continued in the next piece)

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