India’s interesting plans toward an EV-enabled future

Nitin Gadkari, the honorable Road Transport and Highways Minister stated in no uncertain terms that the country is only “One electric revolution away.”

The country has a robust plan for what lays ahead in the year 2023. So how is that?

Apparently, according to confirmed news reports, India is going to install around 600 electric charging points for EVs over the course of 2022 and 2023.

And the above figure is exclusively pertaining to the major highways of the country.

In what can be called a big development where the highway space of the country is concerned, having necessary charging EV on that strata of infrastructure that is used massively and widely is only going to help the cause of the country.

It augurs well for an India already working on the path toward greater adoption of electric vehicles. Moreover, what is also worth noting is that India is also geared up for introducing a massive change. It’s a challenge that it has already undertaken in order to propagate further the righteous idea that is the electric car if it can be called that!

This being the challenge of lowering the costs of electric vehicles. The ideal to be achieved here is to make an EV about as affordable as a petrol or diesel-fueled car within two years.

Meanwhile, here’s what the Indian Chamber of Commerce had to say on the matter of Nitin Gadkari steering the ship toward an EV-enabled future:

“Gadkari predicted that within a span of two years, the cost of EVs will drop and will be priced at par with their petrol variants. The government is also working on expanding EV charging facilities, which is another major factor impeding the growth of EVs in the country.”

One notes, if these aren’t interesting times to be in India then what will ever be? Since when did one hear about the phrase EV as frequently in an India obsessed with fuel-powered cars as what one hears today?

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