How is Indian Oil playing its part in ensuring EV fast-tracking in India?

Of the many vital support systems and nutrients that the human body needs is water. Without it, no life is possible and none can be sustained. You’ve heard this a hundred thousand times across your life. Probably, it’s such a basic human fact that we may soon see memes being made out of it someday for such is the depravity of the human mind in this social media obsessing meme-making age. Right?

Similarly, without the tree, the big banyan tree, it is not possible to imagine there being any shade to guard the passerby or the exhausted from the blaring or screeching sunlight. In essence, that’s pretty much the role being played by the EV chargers in the life of the EV, i.e., the electric cars.

Without the charger, just what would the car do. When the human battery can phase out and tire us into exhaustion sans any rest, electric cars still are, power-driven beings. Their fuel is one that essentially fights ‘the’ fuel if you come to think of it. Right?

And in a bold and big way to step up the ante of fast-tracking EV adoption in India, one of Motherland’s famous homegrown creations, Indian Oil Corporation has come forward to do its bit. And this bit is actually a massive shot in the right direction. The direction is called the green mile.

So, what did the Indian Oil Corporation really do?

In making a formal announcement made recently by the famous energy sector player in the country that also happens to be a dominant player on the global stage, Indian Oil assured the nation that it would be setting up 10,000 EV charging stations all over India.

At this time, the need to mobilize a fuel-free, non-dependent-on-fuel future of India is vital. Old clichés to be conservative in one’s outlook where it comes to vehicles are redundant. They’ve waned out. Never previously before has India seen such alarming numbers where it comes to deaths being caused on account of pollution. The figures are ghastly and their aftermath, terrible realities of life.

Households have multiple cars. Cars are being sought and hence, being put to use for every small step. Nothing’s too rational. Impulse often seems to drive our decisions regarding car purchases.

In these times, efforts have to be made to be more conscientious about the world we cohabit, the world we inhabit, and rely on every single day for as long as we are.

Therefore, there’s an even greater need to push the EV agenda, and implicit in making this right call is to put charging stations out there. More beautiful and

impactful is that scenario where some leading entity well known to the wider ecosystem steps forward to espouse the big, bright cause. This is what Indian Oil has done. And hey, it must be lauded.

Honorable Mr. SM Vaidya, the current chairman had happened to share the following, “We need to give that extra fillip to the ambitions of the Prime Minister and the commitment that the country has made. So, this electric charging station is a small step for Indian Oil but it will be a giant leap for the EV system.”

Now that a leading, mainstream player in the energy cosmos has stepped forward, the key question is, can the others follow suit and help create an India that places the “Environment Quotient” at the heart of things?

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