How India’s festive season proved to be a bumper one for Hero electric?

You’re a hero if you are walking down the path of electric vehicles and if you are adapting to an EV-enabled future, then you already are a hero!

These seem to be the buzzwords associated with a brand that is truly speaking, a pride of India and a symbol of dependability.

And in a fashion that marks the triumph of the ‘Hero,’ for it is he for persists every time, one’s glad to know that the festive season in India turned out to be heroic for Hero Electric!

So how was that? What about the festive season turned out to be positive for one of India’s highest-selling two-wheeler brands of all time?

The largest electric two-wheelers maker, Hero Electric confirmed that it sold no fewer than 24,000 units of retail sales in the last few weeks.

In some ways, therefore, the period of time between October 1 and November 15 was a bringer of much joy to one of the most sought-after companies in the space of electric two-wheelers.

But there’s a context to it as well.

Any doubts, whatsoever, whether this indeed was a sign of massive stride forward for Hero Electric can be ascertained by what the company’s sales performance was during the peak festive period around this time, last year.

So what was it?

During October 1 to November 15, 2020, Hero Electric had sold only 11,339 units as of the last year. Make no mistake; it was a difficult time for the entirety of the business community in general, across divergent sectors.

Same for the world, not too different for India!

The COVID 19 virus had set in and had mauled industries extensively. But then, heroes aren’t those who sit back afraid, but rather those who return back to the scene with a bang!

Ditto for Hero Electric, the revered group that was established in 1956.

As explained beautifully by the Hindu Business Line, there was a special scheme and planning that led Hero Electric back to where it belongs: fronting headlines for progress.

In that regard, it’s important to note the following:

“Hero Electric’s ‘30 days, 30 bikes’ festive offer aided the upward sales momentum during this period. Under the offer, every day one lucky customer purchasing a Hero Electric two-wheeler got a chance to ride home their vehicle free, further fostering the spirit of a pollution-free festive season, the company said in a statement.”

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