Does the range of electric cars drop in winters?

Does the “range” of Electric Cars drop during winters? 

If today there’s a massive misconception concerning electric cars, one that has actually birthed a premeditated mindset against their adoption then it’s the thinking that since charging infrastructure is still to come up- there’s no point in buying an EV.

Yet, in reality, something else beckons one’s attention: no country, practically speaking would have ever come up with a mere thought to sell EVs had the groundwork regarding laying necessary EV charging infrastructure not come up. Isn’t it?

And yet, we all persist and live with our biases and misconceptions.

But, is the above the only doubt that withers away the thinking that it is high time one must drive an EV or at least, consider buying the next vehicle for one’s use (or for that of the family’s) that is an EV?

Could it be that something else, a point more strongly argued than the misconception above, or something completely different be leading to a slowdown in the purchase of EVs as one notes?

Yes, as it turns out.

Apparently, there’s this feeling that during the winters, the electric cars do not perform as well as one would like them to.

So if at all this is true- what might be the possible reasons for this inconvenient truth, provided one could call it so?

For starters, there’s no conclusive evidence or precise presentation of statistics- accepted globally- that could prove the fact that during winter months, the performance levels of EVs drop or something of that sort.

A dip in performance, here and there, has certainly been talked about and user experiences shared on online hubs and car communities. But nothing scathing and untoward in the realm of EV performance has come through or made troubling headlines.

What one does know, however, is that there already exist concerning theories that point to the same or allude to this line of thinking, which again may or may not be “Entirely” true.

No carmaker anywhere in the world operating in the EV ecosystem has come out with a “specific-to-winter-testing- EV machine, one that’s more about performance than anything else.

Probably, in hindsight, you wonder where it’s a terrible idea?

Nonetheless, the lack of familiarity with the subject has, unfortunately speaking, fuelled discussions in India where many have begun saying the following:

“If you are to travel for a distance that’s up to 100 km, then ensure the range of your electric vehicle is actually 200 km- not less!”

Want more?

Luckily, in India, thanks to the generally existing warm weather, much of which is common for the entirety of the country, one doesn’t really have to worry about the performance drop of EVs during the winter months.

But wait- it’s not done as yet. Due to there being too much heat, generally speaking, all throughout the year, one can be sure that the batteries start getting affected much too quickly.

Now, interestingly while the above cannot – and must not- be doubted or be treated as a reason to be (utterly) stunned, for it’s what most people say and admits to having faced, none of the issues discussed so far have caused a painful detriment to any existing EVs currently out on the Indian roads.

Nor have we, at the same time, heard of any weather-defying driving performances that have completely snubbed any of these speculations, assertions, and realities, if one could call it that.

So the thing that must be mentioned, in no uncertain terms, is to do your research and have your doubts clearly assessed and cleared firsthand instead of having for theories (often vaguely constructed) whilst making an EV purchase.

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