Delhi and the EV space- thriving, mega, mighty?

Delhi- what an enigma! A mad caper consisting of heartbreaks, grand plans, mega successes, and ultimately, a leveler. Delhi- a city of Djins, lip-smacking street food, parliamentarians with plans, planners with a plan to become parliamentarians, a city where slum dwellers have as much right to exist as the dudes of South Delhi, a land where both Ghulab Jamuns and Ghalib have plenty of takers in a time where consciousness is not just spiritual but defined by excesses around the girth.

Delhi, a city that realizes strangely only after every single Diwali that there’s more to decorative items in the room; that space must also be made for room purifiers! And where it’s heading, then for an EV in your big porch just as much as the garrulous talk concerning the salubrious but polluting mega European sedan!

When seen from the unscrupulous eye, then the national capital is a melting pot of diverse cultures and constant strangulations owing to massive traffic and rising population levels. Where it seems each family has as many kids as they have cars, accept it with a pinch of salt.

Where the desire to buy a new four-wheeler is made almost instantly without e ever pausing to think about the what-might with another contributor to pollution added to the roads! But when lent a scrupulous look, it appears that the city is learning, and rightly in due time about the possibilities of imagining an EV-enabled future!

So among the first questions that strike the untrained eye where it comes to imagining an EV-enabled future in New Delhi is this:

Just what is the future of EVs in Delhi? But for that to be answered, it’s important to understand the grassroots question.

You’re in a better space first and last, to begin by asking the right questions in this regard. So your first point of the query is- just how many charging stations are there in Delhi at this point in time?

In an age that’s about number crunching and big data for anyways, the situation isn’t that ‘oily’ anymore, especially since the dependence on fuel is lessening ever so sturdily, it helps to know that there are about 70 charging stations in Delhi NCR.

That’s not to say that more aren’t being built in a phased manner or for that matter that the coming up of charging infrastructure doesn’t require special attention, strategy, or care.

But some telling stats pertaining to the adoption of EVs as also the state of charging infrastructure in Delhi suggest the following:

  • At this time, 100 more electric charging stations (public) will be coming up through an open tender.
  • As of September 14, 2021, there were no fewer than 17,000 EVs registered with the country.
  • SINCE 2020- not IN 2020- 7 per cent of all cars purchased in Delhi were pure electric.
  • According to the plans of the Delhi government, a subsidy of INR 6000 can be availed on first 30,000 chargers.
  • According to the region’s EV policy, Delhi is whole-heartedly working toward providing the “Cheapest” chargers (price-wise) at only INR 2,500 for two and three wheelers
  • On current count, there are 71 charging spots available in the city in different regions.

Delhi, must you remember, more than a city of food, fun or frolic, more than a city of Djins, fast-moving, on-the-edge high-flying dudes and girls, suave uncles and holier than thou aunties with their pristine jewels and rollicking home-made sans cholesterol kebabs! Delhi…a spark to go electric! Delhi- an idea to transform the country’s all-EV future, one charging station at a time!

-watch this space for more to know about EVs and the EV charging infrastructure in Delhi. We will bring you constant updates about the EV ecosystem in the national capital!

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