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The Pravaig Defy, a path-breaking EV SUV, is here!


35 of the world’s most polluted cities happen to be in India. Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon aren’t the only names in a list no Indian should be proud of.
Kanpur, Varanasi, and Patna have made the not-so-envy-inspiring list. 
This isn’t random name-calling; among the world’s largest free real-time air quality information platforms says this in no uncertain terms.
So where does India, one of the world’s most admired cultures albeit one with an explosive population rate go next?
For how much longer can it defy the truth that given its burgeoning pollution levels, ever-increasing population, and not to mention, rising fuel costs, things aren’t going to get any easier?
That’s as if things anyways were.
Could it be that things we can no longer deny as existing crises can be tackled smartly and intelligently?
What if, instead of choosing to overlook the chaos that’s wiping our peace and hampering progress (at multiple levels- economical, social), one opted for Defy?
Can Pravaig, which describes itself as a Deep Tech company and is one of India’s fastest-growing EV startups arm India with something that’s much needed?
And needed now?
While predicting the future- or the immediate present- is something that’s right up the stockbroker’s ally, what one knows is that Pravaig’s Defy is here and is expected to make heads turn.
In the next few hours from now, the Pravaig Defy, an all-encompassing pure-electric SUV, will greet the national capital of a country in an event, which I’ve heard will floor Delhi and ditto for the remainder of the country.
So what are we talking about?
Pravaig Defy specifications

Auto lovers, thrill seekers, believers in the mélange of tech and urban mobility, EV enthusiasts, the chaos-battling, deadline-afflicted, who spend countless hours amid traffic snarls in a city and those who love stepping out will find Defy an able answer to a plethora of problems, and a stylish one at that. 
Moreover, those driven by a sense of conscientiousness in what are hazardous times for the country will find Defy as their go-to drive for a host of features, some of these include: 
The Defy comes with a huge touchscreen infotainment system with several connectivity choices, linked car technology, and the path-breaking Devialet sound system and that’s just the beginning.
With an air purifier and USB Type-C charging outlets, wireless phone charging, there’s also a rear touchscreen. How cool is that?
Combining seating comfort with peerless design, the Pravaig Defy breaks biases and misconceptions that allude to the fact that only the west can make kickass pure-electric drives! 
That said, there’s more?
That told- the SUV’s specs back the captivating design of the Defy with power and purpose!
Defy, Pravaig’s premium all-electric SUV is available in no fewer than eleven hues that might increase in the course of the future. 
These include:
Emperor Purple, Shani Black, Kaziranga Green, Haldi Yellow, Hindigo, Moon Gray, Bordeaux, Lithium, Vermillion Red, Siachen Blue, and 5.56 Green.
From vivid hues to finding clues about just what makes the Defy tick and what can one expect from the Bengaluru-based company’s offering, it’s important to note what among the pillars behind India’s most exciting start-ups had to say:
Ram Divedi, co-founder, of Pravaig Dynamics, shared insights about their EV that points to the vision of an organization built on the irrefutable passion to serve India and the world. 
“These electric cars have an upper edge in comparison to other vehicles, which run on petrol on the Pakistani and Chinese borders because in these places there is no petrol and it is transported through trucks, which needs a huge supply chain,” shared the Kashi-born professor of Geopolitics. 
So what do we know more about their pure-electric drive? Does it have a purpose for the defense establishment of the world’s largest democracy? 
“We are in touch with the Armed forces. Maximum accommodation in the car for the Indian Army will be for 10 persons,” stated Pravaig’s neatly dressed co-founder, who comes across as an Avant-garde artist.
Though, a few things stand out as well as Pravaig CEO Siddhartha Bagri’s no-nonsense and straightforward approach towards the realm of Technology and EV:
“Pravaig is the only company focused on the Right of Repair, Upgradability, and Data protection. An unmet need of users in Europe and the USA! We believe that Defy Technology represents the future direction of all EV technologies.”

At a time when most EV makers in the country are caught up with the biggest question of them all range anxiety- it’s exciting to note Pravaig’s futuristic ambitions.
That’s not all; the Pravaig Defy unveiling, scheduled for November 25, 2022, which is just a few hours away, is poised to be a mega event.
True to the organization’s full name Pravaig Dynamics, the event is expected to be a dynamic marriage between dazzling event decor, cutting-edge technology, and appealing music.
All of this with the Pravaig Defy at the center of it all!
And there’s yet more; you won’t just see the captivating beauty that is the Pravaig Defy, you can actually experience the one-of-a-kind, powerful, feature-loaded SUV EV yourself.
So how’s that?

Experiential drives!
One and all can test ride the Pravaig Defy, the most powerful EV SUV at the event itself over an obstacle course that’ll be as thrilling as it will be engaging.
As per company sources, the obstacle path is primed to be a 2 to 2.5-minute ride.
But one reckons, it’ll eventually be a gain for one who undertakes the test drive and that’s not just down to a bouquet of features that ultimately raise the experience of being with Pravaig and its beautiful creation.
At a time when there are obstacles aplenty in front of us- incessantly rising fuel costs, bizarre car maintenance costs, and whatnot, this test drive is actually a test of what we ultimately choose:
Should we stick with Petrol and diesel car ownership amid problems aplenty? Or,
Defy the ‘has-been’ aka the norm that’s actually taking none of us anywhere?
With so much to look forward to, given its visionary approach towards Electric Vehicles, the Pravaig Defy, one can’t deny, is poised to be a head-turner.

The EV Daily wishes the entire Pravaig team all the very best.

If there’s ever a time to Take Back Control, then it’s now!

Twitter: @pravaigdynamics

What are the applications for Pravaig Field Pack?

Pravaig, a leading carmaker involved in the rapidly changing and vastly interesting space of urban mobility in the beating heart of India, is a growing name now engaged in the manufacturing of the Field Pack.  

The sophisticated and high-tech offering primarily and vastly meant for the realm of Military operations and Defense industry could well be a game changer for the Bangalore-based firm. 

But first, let us examine as to what the Field Pack being made by Pravaig is exactly about? 

For starters, this energy dense battery pack especially meant for military usage is a one of a kind offering in the realm of the defense industry that today one cannot imagine any army’s soldiers or troops without. 

So how and why is that? 

The militaries carry plenty of equipment that include- but aren’t only restricted to- surveillance equipment, sophisticated cameras, radio devices. These equipment, therefore, and understandably so, need to get charged.  

Having said that, how does it all work? 

Multiple field packs can be connected together to multiply the capacity, or power devices with higher voltage requirements. The physical form factor allows for compact stacking of these. 

But having said that, where are all the real-life applications of the Field Pack from a military point of view? 

From a fundamental standpoint, it is never going to happen that the Military ops will happen in some air-conditioned room. 

The real action, it isn’t a cliché, takes places and always so, in unfriendly or let’s say hostile terrains.  

That is where the Field Pack comes in extremely handy and a savior of sorts. 

The Field Pack is waterproof, shock proof, and works in extreme temperatures. But there’s more to this; since the lithium-ion cells are known to lose their temper in case of shock loads, hi temps, physical abuse, field pack deploys multiple active and passive safety layers to keep the cells inside calm and happy. 

It is, therefore, an all-terrain, rugged and extremely handy offering that is quite the savior of the military much like the military is the savior of the country and for defending its realm of sovereignty and freedom.  

What is Pravaig’s Field Pack about?

Away from the cozy comfort of home and the spacious and protective confines of one’s nest of abode, there stands on the battleground the brave soldier- whether a commandant, brigadier, sniper, lieutenant or field marshal- guarding the hopes of his country. 

But there’s something more that the troops and those entrusted with the task of defending the sovereignty of a country require; there’s equipment and high-tech gear for battle, in addition to tactics. 

And one precious aspect of warfare that perhaps no troop participating in any warfare, mission or assignment can ever sufficiently fulfill in today’s day and age: 

It’s the FieldPack.  

It’s precisely that vital, irreplaceable equipment that Pravaig, a fast-growing Urban Mobility and Energy players in India’s bustling start up space is offering as we speak. 

So let’s begin to understand just what is the Field Pack of Pravaig is and who is it exactly meant for? 

Fundamentally speaking, the Field Pack offered by Pravaig is a high-tech, energy dense battery pack that is built precisely for Military use.  

Having said that, how does the Field Pack actually come to the Military’s use? 

Regardless of whether one speaks of the military of an advanced or developed nation or that of a developing country, the militaries, irrespective, carry copious sums of equipment that run on 12 V. These include- radio devices, surveillance equipment such as sophisticated cameras and beacons. The field pack, therefore, is also capable of charging such devices. 

And rather interestingly, it can also charge even smartphones, USB ports, laptops and even instruments dainty to the size of a USB port. 

This exceptionally powerful energy pack, meant for all terrains is, undoubtedly, a game changing offer by Pravaig that is already engaged in the manufacturing of next-gen cutting edge electric cars.  

What was Mobility 2022 of TechCrunch about?

If you are a player in the dynamic EV industry, then perhaps one of the key questions, of the many, you’d like to know is just how further can Tesla impact an already fast-changing dynamic of urban mobility.

In a similar vein, if you are an existing player in the urban mobility landscape, then one of the questions you’d be likely asked, especially where it comes to the present year is whether you were part of the event that pretty much defines the concept of Mobility, as one knows it?

It was May Day in May of 2022 given all roads of Urban Mobility and the Future of Technology and Transportation led to San Mateo, California, for Mobility 2022, the go-to tech and urban mobility event organized by TechCrunch that needs little introduction.

At TechCrunch’s Mobility 2022, one had the massive opportunity of meeting Exhibitors, Founders, Technologists, and Investors involved with some of the leading, established, and up-and-coming organizations in the sphere of Mobility.

With the idea being to immerse in a captivating world shaped increasingly by an interplay of technology and innovation, Mobility 2022 got the movers and shakers of a sophisticated, rapidly shape-shifting realm that governs our future as we know it: Mobility!

Key questions, arresting, jaw-dropping even, such as how self-driving cars are shaping the electric automotive landscape, how Robotaxis are going to impact our future, and how the concept of design shapes an affordable, purely-electric next-generation car among the many were discussed and keenly participated in.

TechCrunch Mobility Pitch-off, attracting dozens of the industry’s brightest names in the space of Mobility- entrepreneurs and designers and tech geeks- got a precious opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with experts (VCs) that offered immeasurably valuable feedback to (several) pitches.

How to further build, for instance, an electric car start-up, shape up your company’s aggressive growth portfolio, and add new feathers to an expansive hat so as to impact the sphere of Urban Mobility were just some of the many vital touch points of an event second to none in understanding the concept of Mobility- on the whole.

Pravaig Dynamics, among the many ambitious start-up EV brands shaping the dynamic of electric mobility, participated in the widely covered “one of a kind” event in California.

The start-up brand, based in Bangalore describes itself as a maker of cutting-edge EVs and a rising new-age Automotive company in India.

Pravaig foray into a leading global Tech, Urban Mobility – Event- Mobility 22, USA.

Pravaig, quite evidently, is a new age Mobility Company in India that stands at the captivating intersection of technology and innovation. And the way the Bangalore-based startup engaged in the sphere of Electric Vehicles and Energy is going it appears that it is likely to play an important hand in shaping the urban mobility culture of India. 

The company with an organizational strength between 51-200 recently marked an important event in its 2022 timeline. 

And just how is that? 

With an attempt to spot and capture myriad opportunities (before they become mainstream) that lie in the domain of mobility, a fast-moving target, one of India’s fastest-growing EV start-ups attended the San Mateo, California-bound event Mobility 2022. 

Clearly amongst the go-to events for tech companies as well as those engaged in the realm of urban mobility in all of the USA, Pravaig were among the most talked about companies in a tech event that is widely visited from a global standpoint.   

With an idea to engage in meaningful dialogue with noted and up and coming stakeholders; exhibitors, founders, leaders to figure out the next developments and parables in tech and urban mobility landscape, Pravaig participated in an event one could sufficiently dub the ‘big next’ in technology. 

The company shared its key insights from a rapidly transforming electric mobility market in India and corresponded with some of the leading investors, founders and technologists from the world engaged in dynamic spheres such as EV, Robo Taxis, AV, and those in whose ebb rests the challenge of shaping the future of electric mobility.  

The firm, thus gathered key insights such as how to start early-stage funding, what the next chapters in the sphere of mobility might be like, and what future trends in urban mobility can have an impact on the present.  

Why Pravaig participated in TechCrunch Mobility 2022?

With groundbreaking ideas galore related to the field of Urban Mobility, Electric Vehicles, and Technology, Mobility 2022, a Tech Crunch event, attracted innumerable exciting participants from around the world.  

Sufficient to say, if there was one event that you so wanted to attend during the period of May, then it was Tech Crunch’s Mobility 2022. 

All roads, therefore, it won’t be incorrect to state, led to San Mateo, in California.  

With so much to gather; so many ideas to share; and a platter-full of opportunities to partake in, one of the most vaunted tech events held annually attracted stakeholders; investors, startups, technologists and policy makers; that shape the present and hold the power to influence the future of spheres like Urban Mobility and Technology. 

Whether you are a PhD student doing masters in automotive engineering, a sports car designer based in California, a seasoned investor in the Sunshine State California, or an urban mobility start up brand from Asia, Mobility 2022 was a dynamic congregation of presenters, idea generators and world leaders that shape the realm of Mobility, the theme of the event. 

And among the most enterprising participants in the much-talked-about tech event were Pravaig, from the beating heart of India’s technology and urban mobility landscape, Bangalore. 

A company that aptly describes itself as a new age Automotive Company in India, this maker of cutting edge EV’s did more than just mark its presence at the vastly regarded event. 

Pravaig explored the myriad possibilities and ideas that once held tightly by the palm of one’s hand can shape the future of urban mobility landscape, not just define its current context. 

Deep diving into a world of infinite possibilities that aim to put into practice an interesting string of ideas, such as – how a VR system can turn every vehicle into a moving theme park, how concepts of Blockchain and NFTs impact Urban Mobility, to quote some of the many, and how RoboTaxis are shaping are present- Pravaig forged ties with the dominant and rising names in the realm of Mobility. 

(more insights to follow)