BMW targeting three electric offerings in Indian market

As of November 25, BMW have declared that they are going to unleash no fewer than three electric cars in India. India, it ought to be noted, is a key market and not only for German carmakers but for the rest of the world.  

BMW’s ambitious plans, if one could call them so, are part of the company’s agenda of steering more growth and lending more impetus to its electric car movement in the country.  

It’s a land where some of BMW’s vastly popular offerings in the premium sedan and the robust SUV segment have already bore massive fruit. Think the 7 series and 3 series cars and don’t forget the high-selling X7 and X4 mammoths.   

That being said, the key question at this time is what are the electric offerings that will be provided by the niche German carmaker?  

For starters, next month will see BMW launch the all-electric SUV iX, which will be followed by a pure electric luxury mini hatchback. And that’s not all. What’ll arrive thereafter will be the BMW i4, the premium all-electric sedan.

So many beautiful offerings in a market that’s so often been BMW’d, i.e., floored by extensive German offerings! It seems that the times to come are going to floor India with the problem of plenty- not dearth- of choices.

Having said so, the CEO for India operations, BMW, Mr. Vikram Pawah reinstated, “We are launching the BMW iX in the next 30 days. The mini electric will be launched in the next 90 days, after that will come the turn of the first electric sedan from our stable, which will take up to 180 days.”

The great thing about the iX, study suggests, is the fact that there are two electric motors for the front and rear axel. The car, reportedly, can reach from 0 to 100kmph in 6.1 seconds.

That’s not all; BMW also declared that it is going to provide a home charging kit along with its cars and also stated that the upcoming months are an interesting time for the company and its offerings, particularly for a lot of excitement has been created with the launch of the iX, already available in Europe and USA.

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