A convergence with the destination in the heart of New Delhi

Speaking for no reason and making a hue and cry of things needlessly is not Kailash Gahlot. A man of focus and meaningful pauses, Mr. Gahlot speaks but lets you speak too. Not a politician strictly speaking at the heart but a man who’d like to be seen as a worker for the people and by the people, there’s more to the bespectacled gent than the power he holds.

And what he holds- but doesn’t wield recklessly- is no small thing! The 47-year-old from Delhi happens to be Transport & Environment Minister of the national capital of the country.

And recently, Mr. Gahlot was at the forefront of yet another important development in the capital city where it comes to fast adoption and yet another big step toward an EV-enabled future, this time in the heart of Southern Delhi.

Convergence Energy Services Private Limited (also known as CESL) set up this project widely covered by the press as well as digital media.

A few weeks back, with the inauguration of an EV charging station at the Nehru Place Bus Terminal, Mr. Kailash Gahlot was busier than usual. For he was also entrusted with the task of laying the foundation stone for setting up for what was the first public electric vehicle-charging plaza at the aforementioned destination.

Destination, among other things, is a word that does ring a bell where it comes to India’s EV-enabled future.

More like a final sign of things to come. Right? But implicit in every destination is a journey we must all undertake, especially when the end goal is to reach where we have always set our sights.

And to talk of the present, for that is where we all belong, it’s important to note the journey we are on toward imagining an India with an all-encompassing EV future.

What a beautiful ride it is. You must come onboard.

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