One can’t deny the fact that the world of EV cars is soon going to hit its heyday. Seeing that EVs are experiencing a successful transition, the government of India has come up with a massive initiative of setting up EV battery testing centers in Mumbai and Kolkata in FY24.

This initiative exhibits the far-sighted vision of the government by making the right move which can produce exhilarating results.
Currently, our country’s need for services for EVs and their batteries is backed by the only two agencies we have, namely the Manesar-based International Centre for Automotive Technology and the Pune-based Automatic Research Association of India (ARAI).
Additionally, the Indian government has also toughened the safety standards for EV batteries. The same has been explicitly expressed in the form of amendments to AIS 156 and AIS 038.

This was implemented as the country witnessed an array of fire incidents involving EVs in the country. Never a good thing, right?

The vehicles that were believed to be involved in the accident were Two-wheeler EVs of a number of OEMs, namely Ola Electric, Okinawa Autotech, and Pure EV.
But is that all? Hardly.

It’s said that the government would not deter a bit in even posing penalties on the companies involved in the accident.

Only fair one reckons.

There is further good news for the potential users of EVs, the government is coming up with a new promising and value-creating app called National Test House (NTH) which will streamline many aspects of EVs.

This app will help in verifying consumer claims, and conducting tests keeping in mind the mandated standards, and will accelerate quality consciousness.
Though there has been a dip in the demand for two-wheelers in the recent month, but if we look at the larger picture one can only anticipate the tidal wave of positive change that the upcoming generation will usher in.

This, pragmatically speaking, is the age of EV vehicles, where the share of EVs in the sales of two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicles is expected to rise exponentially to 50% to 70% respectively in the country by 2030.

Here’s what’ll appeal to the EV-liking Urban Mobility optimist there’s an ecosystem being made that’ll propel the world toward the path of unprecedented sustainability.

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